Monday, April 26, 2010

What do you get.........

...when you mix equestian activities with wine tasting?

You get a lot of very happy people!  On Sunday, after riding my  new horse Amadeus,

then teaching our well attended, morning group lessons, everyone put their horses away, cleaned themselves up a little, and we all ventured next door (via Bobcat and Mule UTVs, or on foot) to our neighbors, Naggiar Vineyard and Winery, for a fabulous afternoon of wine tasting and fun. 

I was expecting around 30 people to attend, but I found out what a popular combination horses and wine are when we ended up with about 45 people showing up to join in on the glorious day, the horses, and the promise of a full afternoon of wine tasting!  Mike and Diane Naggiar, and their family and staff, were very gracious hosts, and hustled to make ready for the extra people.  You see, their wine tasting parties, are comprised of many parts.  First we got to tour and taste wines from the barrel room, where Mike started our education on growing grapes, types of grapes, making wine, and many more things...... 


then we all hiked up to the new, gorgeous wine tasting room (that just opened up last summer).


We were seated in the luxurious private tasting room, where not only did our education continue, but, with the tasting of each wine, we were served an appropriate type of food -!  So now we have incredible spring weather, horses, wine, wonderful hosts, and - food!   OMG!

We filled the room to capacity (the above photo is comprised of several photos "stitched" together - click on the image and you'll see the large version), and were treated like royalty.  After the tasting and food ended (darn!), many of us went to the tasting room next door to make purchases or browse the available merchandise.


So, not only do I have the luxury of looking out to the east of Blue Fountain Farm every day and seeing the seasonal changes of the vines at Naggiar Vineyards, I have a very special place to take my customers and friends for a unique treat here in the Gold Country Foothills.  Thanks to the Naggiar family for their part in a memorable day. 



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