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                            "The Kiss"

                               "4 in the Sunset"



                          "Gregg getting Help"


                             "Looking at the Elk"

Mustangs - seems you either love them or hate them, and they are certainly not for everyone.  However, that being said, their plight and the conditions that some of them are living in are not their fault.  The photos I took above are of a lucky few who were rescued by a very special woman - Jackie Fleming.  She is the founder and manager of a non-profit horse rescue sanctuary in New Mexico called Cimarron Sky Dog Reserve.  The link to her web site is: http://www.cimarronskydog.com/. She recently sent some youtube videos to me, which can be seen at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mLvwpOL8zY . There are actually three videos - look to the right of the original video to see the other two.  One of these other videos is about photography at the sanctuary, which I was lucky enough to be a part of when I attended a wonderful photo workshop in Santa Fe run by Gregg Albracht ( http://www.greggalbracht.com/).  I will never forget my day there.  The images above were taken at Jackie's Reserve in Watrous, New Mexico.  These horses could use our help to continue to enjoy their wonderful life, and, as you will see in the video, there are many more who still need help.  Please visit Jackie's site to see what she is all about, and what you might be able to do to help her to help these, and more, horses. 

This is Jackie on her beloved "Sonny".  

.......and chasing a train!!

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