+ Blue Fountain Farmers Market and Garden

This page will be devoted to a new, and ongoing project here at BFF - a garden and ensueing Farmer's Market.  I've never even had a garden before, and in my true fashion, if I'm going to do it at all, I'm going to do it big!  The garden measures 80' X 30', and, along with growing all sorts of wonderful vegetables and flowers, I want it to become a work of art as well.  Keep checking in to see the latest!

The Beginning of the Garden

Early March 2010                   

Eric and Seth digging the trench to keep the gophers out
Seth bringing in all the manure our  horses provided

Leon and Tim pounding in the "T" posts

Putting up the deer fence and
making the whole garden a raised bed

Louie and Jake being big helpers

Seth and Christoff tying up the fencing

Tim spreading the "special" soil

End of the day view from the garden

The start of Leon and Lesley's magic gate

It's pretty even before it's finished!

More to come............

Mid March -

sowing the first seeds -

Yea! First seedings coming up!

As well as planting the garden, we are getting the special Farmer's Market Truck ready, from which to sell all the produce, etc.  This is a '48 1 1/2 ton, stake side, Dodge Truck that belongs to Seth.  It runs really well, but it doesn't stop (!), so we had it towed from  his "Nutty Acres" Farm to Blue Fountain Farm.  We have a lot of visions for making this quite the market stand!

Hood ornament

Historic plate

Leaving one farm for another

Crossing the creek

...and the arrival at Blue Fountain!

Looks great, but wait til we really "do it up"!!

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