Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Eyes Have It

"The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul"

I googled that phrase to see who should get the credit for it, and there was no straight answer - the Bible, an Ancient Proverb, Dante..........who knows? Answer or not, it's a great saying, and I had the thought today to check out all the animals here at Blue Fountain Farm, and look into their eyes. I discovered that not only are there quite a few different types of eyes, but each animal has it's own "look", it's own way of seeing the world. No, I can't see into their souls, nor can I see out through their eyes, but they each have something to say.

Horses eyes - I have hundreds of images of them - but these other critters.........I was surprised by some of the things I saw - the differences from one animal to another.........
The calf next door,
"Jasmine" the goat,

The sparrow at the bird feeder,
"Beetle" the ewe,

Alexandria the prima-donna cat

Joe Llama - the exceptional llama,

And, of course, Louie the Wonder Dog.

How can we say they aren't intelligent..........I don't know about that..............

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