Monday, April 19, 2010

Day Off

In case you're looking for any photos of horses today, I'm sorry, you won't see any. One of my favorite things to do on my day off from my horse job is to practice my photographic skills on something other than horses. So, while at Seth's "Nutty Acres" today, I wandered around and caught a few images of the surroundings. The first two images are of an unusual group of California poppies - yellow ones - that were amongst the normally bright orange ones. Maybe some sort of Hybrid??

Then, there are the peacocks - it's really hard to get anything but a good image of these beauties. Mr Peacock (there are two Mr's and a Mrs) is pretty friendly, and I was able to get the image of his back feathers when he walked right next to me. He seemed to be communing with the Buddah today, then spent some time posing for the camera.

The rooster making all the noise (I know, you can't hear him, but trust me, he's making noise!) is "Pretty Boy". He's got a harem of gals who love to follow him around. Both the peacocks and the chickens will soon be joined by more chickens and ducks - little guys and gals now - but soon they will be old enough to roam the property like the big kids.

The cherry orchard is just past it's blossoming prime, but still a great sight. I'm looking forward to all the cherries that we'll be picking to offer at our Blue Fountain Farmer's Market this summer - yummy!

The lupine were certainly a draw for the bees.........

I thought I'd leave you with a shot of a smiling truck - Seth's '38 or '39 (I forget) Ford truck. I love taking photos of this truck from all angles, but this one made me smile when I saw the image I'd captured.

Back to the horses tomorrow - yea to a day off, and yea to the horses!

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