Friday, April 2, 2010

Me? A blogger?

This is me with 39 yr old Lil Beaver and 33 yr old Rhea, as well as Louie - Jake missed the picture by "that much"! Photo by Andie McKim
Oh dear - am I becoming a blogger?? I thought I'd try this method of keeping everyone up to date on what is happening in my world of the horses, the ranch, and the photography, rather than sending out endless emails with attached photos, etc. My main photo web site is still
and the ranch site is
but I can put a few photos and notes/ stories here much more easily and quickly. I'm totally new to this form of communicating, so please bear with me as I work my way through how to post, how to insert photos, and pages, whatever!

Here's Jake (with snow on his nose)

These boys - Phred and Phrank Pheasant - are "escapees" from a local pheasant farm who have taken up residence at the ranch. They were sparring yesterday, so I snuck up on them with my "big guns" lens (100 - 400), and snapped a few shots, until they decided they'd had enough and just walked away together. The green "mask" on the one pheasant is what they put on to keep the cocks from fighting with each other while in confinement. We're hoping to be able to catch Phrank soon (not sure how we're going to do it) to remove this impediment to living in the wild. He's been doing pretty well, though, since these boys actually escaped in December! For more photos of these two boys, check out the photo web site under "Proofs".


  1. Hi Lesley! This ia a great idea and a super way to share your horse fun. Yippeee!
    Michelle Mck

  2. Love it! Thanks for updating the BFF website, too! I look forward to reading about my favorite people and critters!

  3. Hey Lesley...I'll look forward to reading your 'blog'. Especially the parts on 'educating the people who belong to the horses'. Will I ever learn how to ride???

    Laura and Todd

  4. D*%#!! I wrote a message. Went BACK, and it was gone when I returned.
    I think I said "congratulations" and that I enjoyed the "fight" photo of Phred and Phrank; and that this was my first blog to view.
    Uncle Dave

  5. Hi Lesley
    Read your articles about the horses and Serafino
    There is a special place for people that do wonderful things like you do Lesley
    Warms my heart
    hugs, Nyla


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