Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tough life............

Yep, I have a tough life. Today was a beautiful, warm, spring day in the foothills....I rode four fabulous horses who seemed to want to do nothing but try for me....I gave some fun lessons...I spent some one on one time with Jozsef, my retired Lipizzan ex-stallion (I know, that's a gelding, but I still think of him as my stallion - he's a whole story himself), and then I grabbed my camera and "goofed off". We needed to move some horses around in the pastures to allow for new arrivals, and it was a fun opportunity to watch equine socialization in action. Khaz (the bay Arab in the first photo) met his new room mate Taz (a grey Arab - those names are going to be confusing!), but was more interested in talking with the people who wanted to see how things were going to work out. Then, Mikey acted like a bothersome little brother, and followed Taz all around the pasture, until Taz finally, but politely, said "Enough!", with just the shake of his head and a little kick out behind.

In the pasture next to the Taz-Khaz-Mikey pasture we added Soulstice (aka Sol - a black Lipizzan/ Trakehner) in with Sax (the Paint) and Snuggles (he's a PMU), and they had to work things out. First they all just ran around, but the funniest part was when Sol decided he would assert his authority by walking up to the other two and posturing and striking. However, as soon as Sax pinned his ears, Sol said, " Never mind, I didn't really mean it!" He then hurried off to be consoled by his humans - little Christopher sitting on the gate, and then by his real mom - "Sam" (do you think she loves him???)

Gotta say, these days make it all worth it - the hard work, the nasty, cold, wet days of the winter, or the hot, dry, dusty days of the summer. Great weather, great people, great horses.........what more could I want???

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  1. Great pics. I can't get enough of watching horses. The photo of Sam and Sol is beautiful!


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