Monday, April 12, 2010


Morocco has become a part of the Blue Fountain Farm family, and he and Amadeus will be forever friends here. They have been joined in pasture by "Mikey" (aka Mikkel), a 5 yr old Andalusian, Morgan gelding. Mikey will be looking for a new home, unless...............sure would be nice to keep him here as well. These three boys have become the best of friends in only 3 days - see photos of them at .

Serafino -

our rescue horse whom I wrote about last week has found a friend to love and spend time with, Clare and he have really hit it off - lucky him!! The photo here is before Clare has worked her magic on him - I'll add more soon. My thanks again to Cheryl and "Sammie's Friends" for all they did to help Serafino get the treatment he needed to heal. That being said, if there are any people who would still like to take care of any "beasties" around here, our old-timers, Rhea and Beaver, would love extra grooming to get that stubborn winter hair off of them. Just contact me!


  1. I will groom both of them this Friday while I wait for all the beasties to get their teeth & Sheath's done.


  2. Coming soon Teri..... I'll help groom anything.
    Hopefully during rehab I can come and groom great therapy. Just to get to touch,feel and smell hroses. :)


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