Thursday, February 24, 2011

Only at Blue Fountain Farm.........

would you expect something crazy to happen like what happened here last night and today.  Yes - you see a photo of a water buffalo at the top of this post...... that's because we had two of them visiting us last night until this morning!  They were renegade run-aways from a new neighbor about a mile away.

It all started at dusk last night - I was sitting here in my office getting ready to answer emails, etc., when the dogs charged off the deck in full cry.  They were barking up a storm - but within two seconds they were both running back up onto the deck with their tails between their legs, and there were two big, black water buffalo in hot pursuit!  In Grass Valley??  On my ranch???  Yikes!  What to do, what to do??  I'm pretty comfortable with most any animal, but I've heard stories about how mean water buffalo can be, and didn't these two just put our two big dogs in their place?   I had heard that these creatures had recently moved into our neighborhood, but I didn't know how to get in contact with the owner to let her know that they were in my yard.   As another neighbor went to inform the owner of the whereabouts of her charges, I talked with Animal Control - lot of good that did me.  They said they don't come out after water buffalo because they can kill people!  And that helps me, how??  I said that I was concerned that, besides any damage they might cause to the landscaping, fences and freaked out horses here, they might get out onto the road and cause a car accident.  The answer to that was that it would be the buffalo owner's fault if something happened.  Again - that helps me, how?

In short order we had a posse of people, flashlights and my trusty Bobcat utility vehicle trying to find two black creatures in the black of night.  Well, no luck. Even Jackson - the bigger and younger of the two dogs, couldn't find them.  So, we decided that maybe they went back the way they got here, and I decided not to worry about it anymore.  Wrong!  This is what was in the pasture aisle this morning......... happily munching on the spilled hay...........

Jackson decides to rescue me

Oh, maybe not.  Note the hackles up on his back!

OK, so - they were still here!  I was told by the owner last night that they are very friendly, and bucket trained.  I don't know - does this look like a friendly face to you............

Well, I tried the bucket routine, and, as it turned out, they were afraid of me.......

They went around the back side of the pastures, and I tried again...........

Mom was helping from the golf cart.

We're thinking about it, but we don't know you.

I got the young male to eat a little out of the bucket, but that didn't last too long - they both took off.........

I decided I needed to get to work doing what I do to pay the bills, and not spend time trying to catch someone else's stray animals.  Soon, the owner arrived, and we were able to get the "wild ones"  back up the pasture aisle, and into a pen.  They were very happy to see their "Mom" again.

On their way to the pen.

I missed you, mom.

And she missed him right back

This one likes to have his lips played with.

This is where I belong

Obviously, these two are not killers - they were just out for an excellent adventure.  They were loaded up into a stock trailer, and away they went.

So, everytime I think that maybe I've seen everything, something like this happens.  Bet you can't say you've had stray water buffalo in your back yard!

Thanks to Becca, Sue, Linda, Eric and Nancy for being there to help with these big critters! 


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