Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bye Bye Joellama

Yes, our friend Joellama has gone to a new home.  Joe L. has been here for about 2 years, and has, in the words of his vet been, "An exceptional llama!"  Joe has gone to his new home to keep another llama, who  lost his friends to old age, company.  He will be getting lots of loving attention, so we are happy for that, but he will be missed.  

Joellama (like "yo mama") is a very sweet llama, who, no matter how worried or stressed, has never offered to spit or kick. He is, none-the-less, basically unbroke, so we were worried about what a circus it might be to get him into his transport.  However, he was more co-operative than expected, even though we had a big turn-out ready to help.   Here are some photos from Joe's day............

The ladies know right away that something is up!

Yikes!  Help me!

Lil Bea (The goat) wants to help coax Joellama into the shelter

Safely in the shelter without incident - and the goats are still helping

He lets Wendy put the halter on like a good boy

And away they go - what a good llama!

He's a cute llama

Everyone's helping him up the Saddle Pals ramp on his way to the pick up truck

He's not too sure about this mode of transport

But, he's on his way to new adventures - Bye Bye Joellama!!

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