Saturday, February 19, 2011

Snow! Well, a little.........

It rained heavily and steadily all night long, until about 3 AM or so, then things got quite.  That either means it just stopped, or it snowed.  I couldn't tell which until I got up this morning at 6:15, and looked out my window to see snow on the surrounding hills, and yes, a little dusting here at the ranch.  Our elevation is 1200', so it's a rarity to get snow here.  That being said, though, we had a wolloping snow in Dec of '09, but that was the last time the pretty white stuff has fallen here at BFF.  So, being the intrepid photographer that I am, I put on all my woolies and was outside by 6:30 AM!  The dogs love it when I get out and about early, so they helped me with my expedition.  I'm glad I did get out and about when I did, because things warmed up quickly, and the snow disappeared.  These are nothing fancy, but it's fun to see snow here again...........

Snow, instead of tomatoes in the garden

The landscape mound behind the house

More of the garden and the hills beyond

Some flower seeds from last year are already trying to grow.

This old shoe isn't doing a horse much good anymore!

I had to throw this in - our friend Herbert was hunkering down next to the pond in the pouring rain a couple of days ago................

Until the dogs found him and chased him away - this is all I could get of him making a hasty retreat!

And this next shot is also from a couple of days ago in the howling wind - I thought the windmill was going to blow over!

And, finally - spring is in the air - the first blossoms of the Flowering Quince below my office window.

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