Thursday, January 27, 2011

Meet "Herbert"

Or possibly "Her-bertha"??  We'll call him Herbert for now.  He's a Great Blue Heron who has decided to take up residence here at Blue Fountain Farm.  He spends a lot of time standing around - in the driveway, in the pasture, near the pond, wherever - and he doesn't seem to be terribly afraid of humans, or their cars.  I wondered about this lack of fear, then I "googled" Blue Herons - this guy's a juvenile - hence the casual 'tude.  He'll get more color on his head, and longer breast feathers as he matures.  I had also wondered why in the world he was hanging out in the pastures - no frogs or fish there - but the article about herons said that they eat gophers, squirrels, bugs, whatever they can get.

I've seen Herbert out and about for the last month or so, but never with my camera in hand.  The other day I looked out my office window, and there he was, so I grabbed my camera.  Well, wouldn't you know, I had the "wrong" lens on - the 24-105 zoom, and try as I might, I just couldn't get close enough to get the shots I wanted.

First glimpse

I kept following him, but he kept the same distance between us.  If I slowed down, so did he....if I sped up, so did he.....if I stopped...... so did he.

He sees me now!

He gives me a look with his right eye.....

then he gives me a look with his left eye

I finally gave up for that day, knowing that he would be back sooner or later.  And, come back he did.  THis time I was able to use the big guns lens - the 100 - 400 zoom!  He decided to hang out by the pond right next to the house..... but he was trying to look like the cat tails behind him .........

"If I stand reeeaaaaly still, no one can see me - right??"

He finally got to doing regular bird things - looking for fisn in the pond...........

I know there are fish in here, but the pond is really deep.

And just generally being a cool bird......

After awhile he decided to cruise away and join the killdeer....

I hope he stays around long enough for me to see him in his adult plumage!

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