Saturday, January 29, 2011

Group Lesson - BFF Style

Kathy, on Amadeus, riding by the "Gang"
OK, so it's not your normal, everyday type of group lesson - it's a special one that only riders at Blue Fountain Farm can enjoy.   It's a group lesson with an added geriatric contingent of three - Radar, Rhea and Lil Beaver!  Most of you know of our great old four-legged folks here at the ranch, and have followed their antics with me over the years.   Rhea, the Lipizzan mare, is in her mid thirties, Lil Beaver, the POA, is over 40 (and on a diet I might add), and Radar, the thoroughbred, is 27.  Here's the story of why they shared a lesson with Pat and Kathy on Amadeus and Elliot.

These three normally love to go out back to a grassy pasture during the day, but recently Rhea has had a heck of a time getting back up from her daily naps when it's the least bit slippery or muddy out there.  So, lately we've taken to putting them in the arena for their naps.  And nap they do!

Retirement's not so tough

Ahhhhh!  Bliss!!

Well, they were so comfortable yesterday morning, lazing in the great sunshine (60 degrees, woo hoo!), that I hated to disturb them when it came time to start my lessons.  I figured, what the heck?  What are they going to do anyway - run, chase and kick the horses that are in the arena for the lesson?  Not these ol' farts.  So, I told Pat and Kathy to bring their horses on in.  It didn't disturb the "kids" at all. 

Pat and Elliot check out the Sleeping Beauties

Rhea soaking it up

All was well for about 20 minutes (the nappers had already been down for about 20 minutes before that - they can take loooong naps). The Beav, who usually stands guard, decided that Amadeus was a little too close to his woman, and she (being the Cougar that she is) was checking him out as well.  So, The Beav needed to let Amadeus know who was boss - you see, no one has ever told Beaver that he's not as big as everyone else! 

Rhea waking from her nap and noticing the young, tall, dark handsome guy

Beav, on his way to take care of matters

He and Amadeus had a meeting of the minds..........

We need to see eye to eye about this!

I may be small, but I'm the boss!!

And Beav made his point perfectly clear.  With that, however, I decided that discretion was the better part of valor, and the oldsters lost their privileges for the day.  Off they went back to their stalls.

I keep saying it, but someday I will be writing a book about these remarkable oldsters, especially Rhea and Beaver, who are totally inseparable (they share living accommodations), and who add so much to my life here on the ranch.  Oh yes, the bell around Rhea's neck is because Beav is getting more and  more blind, and he gets really worried if he can't see her (hard to miss 16.2H of white, you'd think, but.......).  He can, however, hear  a peppermint wrapper from a mile away, so the bell keeps him from stressing.

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