Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Upcoming Dressage Show at BFF

It's time again for the first of our two dressage schooling shows here at Blue Fountain Farm, and everyone is revving up for the big day!   It looks as if Mother Nature is going to smile on us with a beautiful day - the weather this spring has been unusually wet, to say the least - and the entries have been coming in strong.  This Sunday, June 6th, is the target day for all the preparations, both for the riders, and for the behind- the- scenes organizers.


Schooling shows are a great place for everyone to put themselves in a show setting, with all the rules followed, and with good judging, but in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  That being said, though, it is fun (from my perspective as an "old pro" at showing) to watch most everyone "freaking out" as they prepare for the big event!  As soon as someone says the word "test" - watch out!  Here they are, those who have their horses here at BFF, on their own turf, and the nerves start to show more and more the closer the show gets.  "What should I wear?", "Should I braid?", "Who's going to call my test?", "I think I'm going to throw up!!!"

However, that being said, the day of the show comes, and everyone gets here early to put the final touches on their horses, who have had to endure multiple baths (especially if they have a "white" horse!).


Even the Haflingers get their manes braided and their leg "feathers" cleaned and fluffed

The much appreciated volunteers arrive and put up the entry desk, direct the parking, put up the food stand, learn how to score the tests, set up the judges stand, and, generally, get everything "good to go".


What I love most is the support that everyone gives to the riders that day, whether they are from here, or they haul their  horses in from afar, everyone pulls together and helps everyone else.

Everyone finally gets their turn in the arena, in front of the judge, to try to pull together all their hard work and studying...........

The onlookers cheer for their riders............

The runners bring the tests from the judge to the score keepers....

and, although each rider, in their own way, is a winner, some riders garner the top honors - and it's carrots for the horses and a "toast" all around for the riders!!

Consider joining us here at Blue Fountain Farm  this Sunday the 6th for a great day in the country with good friends and camaraderie, beautiful horses, a walk next door to Naggiar Vineyards and Winery for wine tasting and live music, a  chance to win an original painting from Leslie Ann Webb , and to cheer on those who have worked hard with their horses and trainers to shine on their special day.  If you want more info, or directions, send me an email , and I'm happy to reply!

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