Wednesday, June 9, 2010


And a good time was had by all............

Yes, Tim and Ridley are expressing the feelings of most everyone who attended our June 2010 Dressage Schooling Show this past Sunday - "I feel good now!" (cue James Brown music)!!  We couldn't have had a more beautiful day for our event, everything ran very smoothly, the volunteers did a wonderful job at their respective jobs, and everyone got along really well.  

One of the great things about a dressage show here at BFF is how relaxed and fun the atmosphere is, even though, as I wrote in my last post, the riders get a case of the pre-class jitters.  Carter, yet again, was a manager extraordinaire, and lined up a great group of ladies and gents who were kind enough to volunteer their time and energy for the event.  Take Tom ............please!  (Sorry, Tom, couldn't help that!)  I think he was practicing to work at an airlines to get the planes to their docks........


Way to go, Tom - great ring stewarding!!

Our Judge for the day, Jan Horton, always does an outstanding job at judging any time she comes here -  she makes it relaxing and fun for all the nervous riders - 

Jan (in blue) and her scribe for the morning, Linda

 The entry staff, score keepers, scribes, ring stewards, runners, awards monitors, and so on, were fantastic, friendly and helpful.

Lynn and Gail at the entry desk

Mary arriving for her ring steward position.

Entry desk area, with art displays by Leslie Ann Webb and yours truly.

Our offical test caller, Laurie, was all business, and  her hard work and test studying showed!

The horses looked great, and put up with all the "fru-fruing" of their owners.................

Mary and Kachina working out just how many whiskers are getting trimmed.

Taz getting the final touches on his "do" by Gale.

and Sol was entirely bored by the whole thing!

And then there were the riders themselves - conquering their nerves and "trotting" themselves out there in front of the public.  Our own BFF riders included -

Andie and Dundee

Cara and Anastasia

Victoria and Draco

Sam and Soulstice

Mary and Kachina

Gale and Taz (who is getting a good luck pat from Rolf)

Jane and Mijo

Leslie and Maggie

Fiona and Beaujolais

Michelle and Kabuki

And then there were the riders who were "grounded" due to shoulder surgery (not related to horse injuries, I'm happy to say)......

Teri and Laurie with their matching slings.

To see more photos from this memorable day, check my photo website We are planning another show in the fall, October 3rd to be exact, so put it on your calendars and join us for an exciting and fun-filled day at the ranch.  Here's a toast to all the riders (both from BFF and those who trailered in) and to all the volunteers, grooms for a day, spectators and behind the scenes workers who made this event possible -



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