Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spring Day

It seems that others, besides me, have been getting out with their cameras on a beautiful spring day, so I thought I'd share some of their photos, as well as a few of mine. 

Andie McKim sent some great photos of a pair of Canada geese on her pond - with their 4 new babies........way too cute!  She reports, "they were hatched on May 1st, and two days later they marched off to see the world, and were gone for five days.  But they're back.  Little legs are like 1/2" long, but they sure get around"........

She also sent a photo of the nest, and eggs, of a Kildeer pair....... right on the driveway gravel!

From Linda Bickel comes a photo of three of her four Haflingers taking a snooze in the warm sunshine....

I guess it's a case of "Monkey See Monkey Do", but they sure look comfy.

I walked around the property here at the ranch this morning and this afternoon, and took a few shots of the flowers............

                                 a pink rock rose -

a white rock rose -

a Cecil Bruner rose bud -

and the blossoms of the Horse Chestnut tree -

I was excited to see some very baby bunches of grapes on my new plants.

The grasses near the pond attracted me -

and, of course, you know we can't leave without a photo of Louie - playing with his toy by the pond -

Ahhhhh, spring! 
Thanks, ladies for sending your photos my way!

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