Monday, May 3, 2010

Gentleman Dressage Clinician

Claus Bergener

There are surely hundreds of dressage clinicians out there - all of them trying to impart to us their own insight into this world of dressage we have chosen to join - and I know that many of them are knowledgeable, kind, talented people.  I think, however, that we are lucky here at Blue Fountain Farm to have a man who fits all of the above criteria, but is part of a vanishing breed not only in the dressage world, but in the world in general - Claus is a true gentleman

We just finished a 2 day clinic here with Claus (in the pouring rain and hail!), after not seeing Claus since last fall, and I was reminded of what a unique person he really is.  I have known Claus for 20 years now, and I have also known quite a few other dressage clinicians.....he is truly a special teacher, and friend.  He treats every one of his students - whether they are new to dressage or they are upper level riders - with the same courtesy, attention and respect as the others.  Anyone who knows Claus, or has watched his clinics, knows that he is a walker.  He walks and talks all day, session after session - sunrise to sunset, cold weather, hot weather, it doesn't matter, he walks - and never once does he lose his "cool", or complain, or do anything to make each student feel that they are "Not worthy". 

Walking with Laurie on her Lipizzan gelding "Leopold"

Walking with Andie on her Oldenburg gelding Dundee

Claus takes the time to make sure that each of his students understands what can sometimes seem like the overwhelming concepts of dressage.............

Laurie on Whim

Sol the horse learning softness of the bit.

......not only to the riders themselves, but also to the owners who sometimes are unable to ride their own horses in a particular clinic..............


Sam learning inside/outside rein

Claus is sure to place himself where he can best see if his students (and their horses) are understanding and performing the moves correctly...........  

and he even enjoys braiding an occasional forelock!

Claus has been a very important part of our life here at BFF - he visits us every year for several days, 4 times a year, from his native Germany.  For more info about Claus' history, and to see his 2010 dates for coming back to the ranch, check here.  I feel very fortunate to have met Claus, because not only have I learned volumes about dressage from him, he has become a part of our family - and we welcome his every visit to our home.  After all, gentlemen are welcome wherever they go! 

Louie and Jake can only take so much dressage.

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