Friday, May 7, 2010

If only I could have started..............


........when I was this age!  Aurora comes to Blue Fountain from across the street to take her riding lessons on "Chelsea" - a saint of a Haflinger mare.  Aurora just had her 3rd birthday recently, but she started taking her lessons when she was 2 1/2 yrs old!  Not only did she start at a very young age, she basically spoke only Italian when she started.  It's amazing what a young brain can absorb - especially a smart, observant one - like Aurora's.  She is like a little sponge - in the beginning she learned her riding through visual cues and hands on, but now she is able to converse, understand and follow through - all in English.     

Aurora leading Chelsea to the arena for her lesson time

Making a turn in the arena

Naw, we're not having any fun..........

Squint face.......

Aurora's parents train at and run a new, and very successful reining facility - Pira's Cows and Horses - just across the street from us, owned by the Santucci family from Italy.  She is riding English in her lessons - she seems to be fascinated by the thought of some day jumping - but she is also Papa's little girl, and may take up reining  as well.  Either way, she will be a competitive force to be dealt with.   

Chelsea is so patient while Aurora works at putting the reins over her head.

Aurora's youth and exuberance are a joy to watch - and truly envied by all the women who wish that they, too, could have started their love affair and involvement with horses at her age.  It doesn't really matter, though, in the long run, at what age we were able to start long as we're experiencing as much joy and fun as Aurora does. 

"Cutting" a horse at Pira's Ranch 

Just being cute.........

So, whether you started riding at a young age like Aurora, or are starting at a much later stage in your life - enjoy, live, smile and let the little girl (or boy) in you come out.  

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