Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pumpkins and Ponies Fundraiser!!

 We host a lot of events here at Blue Fountain Farm, but I have to say that this is by far the most important event of the year - our 2nd Annual Saddle Pals Therapeutic Riding Program Fundraiser - "Pumpkins and Ponies" - Saturday October 16th!

Last year was a great success, especially considering it was the first time that Saddle Pals and BFF  had organized such a huge undertaking, and we're sure that this year will be even better!  We are planning on record breaking crowds showing up to support this worthy program (whose State Funding has been cut) and to help the riders who so benefit from their time with these special horses and volunteers.

There will be classes for the Saddle Pals members, as well as costume contests open to outside horses and riders.  We will also be having special exhibitions between the classes, to include world class riders and drivers, such as Ricky Nicolazzi on his champion reining horse (showing us the fabulous slides and spins performed in Reining competition), and Joe Kasza with his gorgeous matched team of Lipizzans driving an intricate obstacle course such as would be done in Combined Driving competition. 

There will be live music, plenty of food and beverages, and our BFF Farmer's Market will be open as well.  

It's always fun for me to see the interaction between the Saddle Pals riders, the horses and the volunteers, since they regularly meet here at BFF on Mondays, which is my day off.  I don't find much time to visit with them, so   spending this fun-filled day with them is a treat for me.  It will be fun to see Rhea and Beaver once again pulled out of mothballs to participate in this event.  Rhea is my 36 yr old Lipizzan mare and her "Husband" Lil' Beaver is a 39ish yr old POA, and they have been retired from active duty for many years.  They are inseparable, (I did my first post in this blog on them - see April's blog).  I know they had a great time getting all the attention they got last year when they came out of retirement to help out. Beav is in the first photo of this post, and Rhea is showing how tired she is in the photo above.

Even the adults have a great time, as witnessed below........

And it's a great place for lil cowboys to strut their stuff as well.....

I think this Pirate Pony's smile says it all..........

By far the most important way that YOU can help is to come out for a fun day and support the Silent Auction and Raffle portion of this event.   Last year fabulous items were donated by many individuals and businesses, and I hear the list of offerings for this year is awesome - actually there's a rumor it's even better than last year!  I am donating a new photo image on canvas - 2' X 3' - which has never before been seen........ 

You can click here to open a flyer which has the directions to Blue Fountain Farm, the start time, the classes, and more info  that will be of help to you in making us your destination on Saturday the 16th for a fun day for a worthy cause.  Help us support Saddle Pals Therapeutic Riding Program!    THANKS!!

See you there!!!!!

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