Monday, October 11, 2010

More Pumpkins and Ponies.......

I was down at the barn a quite a bit today (my day off) going over all the preparations with Joanie and Jane of Saddle Pals for our big weekend coming up, and all I can say is - WOW!  There's a lot to do to get ready for The Saddle Pals Fundraising event, (this Saturday, Oct 16th) and the usual suspects are pitching in and really doing a lot of work.  We're getting the facilities ready, and the volunteers from Saddle Pals have been organizing the upcoming day, from figuring out where all the extra horses are going to go, to getting the riders ready for their big day, to finalizing the items that have been donated for the silent auction and raffles.  Again, I have to say..... WOW!  I was able to view a couple of the great auction items today, and took a couple of snap shots of them.  The first is a very special watercolor and chalk original of our own Blue Fountain Farm Courtyard, done by Martha Payne........

I have to say, it's a real honor to have someone with Martha's obvious talent create such a lovely image of our barnyard!

We also have a wonderful piece of garden art from Deborah Bridge of Sacred Stone.........looks pretty good right here in my own courtyard - hmmmmmmmmm??

And, now for a bit of shameless self promotion ....... several weeks ago, along with the Saddle Pals students and several other adults, (including my friend artist Leslie Ann Webb) I was given a small statue of a pony to paint as part of the "Painted Ponies" project.  These ponies are to be auctioned off on Saturday.   All of the  Saddle Pals students have already painted their ponies (I was lucky enough to get a preview of their work today) as have the other adults.  But me?  Nooooooooo!  As per normal, just as I did in high school, I've waited until the eleventh hour to paint my statue.  But, I finally got it done tonight!  I decided to paint my dear, departed "Jozsef", and  decoupage some of his kids on him.  I then braided a "breast collar" with some of the hairs taken from his tail before he was buried.  Here are a couple of images of the finished product........ 


Remember, the entire proceeds from the sale of all of these items, the art, the ponies, the other wonderful items donated by businesses and individuals all over the county, goes directly to the Saddle Pals Therapeutic Riding Program, so come out and bid on some of the wide range of items offered!

P.S. - I know many of you are waiting for news of the recent dressage show, and for the photos that I took that day to be put up on my photo web site, and it will happen soon.  But, I had a malfunction with my Lightroom program this week, and lost over 4 hours worth of segregating and selecting images out of the 1300 shots I took that day.  The images are still on my hard drive, but all the work I did trying to organize them was lost, so I need to start all over again.  I promise it will get done as soon as our big event this weekend is done.  In the meantime, set your calendars to be at Blue Fountain Farm on this Saturday, the 16th, for a very special day! 

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