Monday, April 18, 2011

Join me on a morning stroll around Blue Fountain Farm

Yesterday morning was one of those perfect mornings - the air was crisp and clean and smelled of freshly mown grass from the workday the Saddle Pals volunteers put in yesterday weed whacking and mowing (many thanks to everyone for all your hard work!)  The fickle weather had decided that Sunday was going to be a beautiful day, so - since I woke up much earlier than I needed to (hate it when that happens), I decided to take a walk around the ranch, with my camera and my trusty dogs and cat in tow.  Below is a little photo journal of my morning......

The roses off my back deck are going crazy!

Dude is always ready to be a part of things around the barn.

Jackson in a moment of repose.

Jake saying,"Why don't you go for the walk and I'll just say I did?"

The trail around the north end of the property.

Along the east side next to the vineyard.

I let Lil Bea and Jasmine out for awhile to follow me around as well.

Herbert was on the roof of the covered arena.  We love watching him stalk and then catch gophers every day!  He has something wrong with his left leg, but seems to be getting by just fine.

"Galan" taking his morning nap in the sun after breakfast.

"Maverick Blue Eye"

I call this a "Smiling Panda Cow" from next door!

Our beautiful fountain.

The courtyard looks so inviting this time of year.

"Benchely" the concrete bench next to the fountain.

Everyone should have a reading frog on their fountain!

I played around with shutter speeds with the water on the fountain.

I love my little fountain next to the tack room.

Assorted flowers from in the barn courtyard............. daisies....



...I can't remember - coleus??.....

....and another vine I can't remember the name of.

Nothing fancy, just a door bracket.

From the '48 Dodge Farmer's Market truck

Hood ornament from the truck.

The upper arena as seen from the mirror on the truck.

Is this a statement, or what???

Oops!  People are arriving for their lessons - time to put the camera away and get to work!

I hope you enjoyed the tour - there is really so much more to see, but this was a glimpse into my world............more later! 


  1. A breath of fresh air! Beautiful. It has been so dry, windy and dusty here that I am ready to migrate!

  2. You know that you are welcome up here any time!!! It would be great to see you in my neck of the woods.

  3. The smiling Panda Cow is my favorite........but all the pictures are gorgeous!!!!!


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