Thursday, December 9, 2010

Good News!

  I recently entered some images in a photo contest being held in my favorite (next to my own ranch) place to shoot photos, Santa Fe, and I won a 2nd place and an honorable mention!  My second place winning image is known to many of you - it's "Tesoro" (which was shot in Santa Fe)...........

Click on the image to see a larger size

And the honorable  mention went to an image titled "Away", an image I shot in my own backyard of a horse named "Snuggles".

Click on the image to see a larger size

There is going to be a showing on January 7th in Santa Fe at "Collected Works Bookstore" of the winning pieces, as well as pieces from the judges - Tony Stomberg, Gregg Albracht and Lynne Pomeranz.  Tony and Lynne will be doing signings of their books ("Spirit Horses" and "The Forgotten Horses" by Tony, and "Among Wild Horses" by Lynne) as will Jackie Fleming (the host of the show) of her books "Sky Dog" and "Cimarron".   Part of the proceeds of the sale of the images will help to support Jackie's "Cimarron Sky Dog Horse Rescue".

Wow!  I'm actually going to have some of my works hanging in Santa Fe!!  Anyone want to go ???  :)  


  1. Wow Lesley-I'm not surprised, but I certainly am impressed! Congratulations-
    Bev Blake

  2. Good for you-great pictures-Sue Williams


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